PSL.1 - Sdggmrs(s)

TBT low cost version of type Sdggmrs(s)

PSL Title Pic


       TWIN Pocket Wagon for long MEGA-Semitrailers (type KÖGEL, SCHMITZ, KRONE, etc.) and all conventional crane-liftable semitrailers

       Capable of transporting today‘s semitrailers with 3m loading hight and capcity of up to 37 Euro-pallets and low crane hoisting edges.

       Future-proof capability of transporting semitrailers with up to 2.6m with and 16.3m length (40 Euro Pallets capacity)

       Fully compatible with TSI low noise requirments

       Transport of containers and swapbodys in various configurations (20, 30, 40 and 45ft)

       Payload protection through hydraulic heavy-duty buffers

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